Chelsea and Atletico Madrid have apparently started negotiating a £50million transfer of Diego Costa as he looks for a new club away from Stamford Bridge.

However, despite Atletico being hit by a transfer ban, which would prevent them from registering Costa as part of their squad until January, which pretty much means they plan to loan him out after signing him.

Other reports claim it is Inter Milan that are close to signing him, however, today it’s back to Atletico.

The Blues are said to want to ensure they get decent money for Costa after fears that his alleged bust-up with manager Antonio Conte going public could significantly weaken their negotiating position.

According to the Daily Mirror, Chelsea Football Club are demanding a £50m fee for Costa who has had a good run in England since moving from Atletico to Chelsea just three years ago.

The Spain international has a record of 59 goals in 120 games for Chelsea.


Man stabbed to death after threesome turns fatal in Brooklyn apartment building

A young man was murdered in an apartment in Brooklyn, US, following a threesome which went awry. One female and two men (a 20-year-old and a 21-year-old) were believed to have been involved in steamy sexcapade together when one of them allegedly started filming and this angered the female participant.

Police sources revealed that the threesome ended the moment the filming started, with the woman feeling really upset about it. The 21-year-old man, who lived in the apartment where the sex had been taking place, then drove the woman back to her home in Staten Island, leaving the 20-year-old male victim alone in the apartment. As soon as the woman got home, it was alleged that she contacted her boyfriend, who was not aware of the threesome, and told him that she had been raped. The victim’s girlfriend, who was not involved in the threesome, also received a message on her phone that read:

“your boyfriend f—ed up and will be taken care of,” sources said.

After the man who went to drop the aggrieved woman at her home returned, the victim decided to leave for reasons that were unclear. As the victim tried to leave the apartment building, surveillance cameras captured two white men and a black man chasing him. He was attacked and bleeding from fatal stab wounds, he knocked on the door of a nearby apartment and collapsed, leaving bloody handprints.

“He fell into her house, she opened the door … he was apologizing, ‘I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,’” said a woman in the building whose relative opened the door. “He says, ‘They hit me in the head, they hit my head with a bat.’ She said there was so much blood just gushing out of him.”

The victim, Ikonomidis, allegedly pleaded with the woman not to call 911 despite having three stab wounds in the chest and back.

“He went to stand up, I don’t know if he was gonna try and leave or what, (and) collapsed on the floor,” the woman said. “She said his whole body started jerking and then they came, he barely had a pulse.”

Ikonomidis died at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn at 4:33 a.m. His girlfriend arrived at the crime scene hours after the killing and was inconsolable.

She cried: “Oh my God, no! My baby, it can’t be f—ing real! “(Why) didn’t you go home? Why didn’t you listen to me? … He better go to f—ing jail! (Will) you guys get him please? … My baby, my baby, I love you so much.”

Police questioned the 21-year-old man, who was not considered a suspect in the murder. No suspects were in custody as at the time of this report. Police sources also said cops found no evidence the encounter was non-consensual.

“It’s something out of a horror movie,” stunned building resident Carol Petersen, 37, said. Her 18-year-old daughter had heard the victim screaming. “It’s horrible. It’s a nightmare,” she said.

Niger Delta militants give northerners October 1st ultimatum to quit the region, demand the return of all oil wells owned by them

A coalition of Niger Delta militant groups under the aegis ” Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators, have asked all Northerners in the region to leave on or before October 1st this year.

Rising form an extra-ordinary meeting in Port Harcourt, Rivers state yesterday, said failure to do so, they would attack all the oil wells in the region that are owned by northerners.

The group berated the Federal government for holding peace talks with the Northern leaders despite the hate speeches emanating from the youths of the region in recent times. They demanded that all oil wells owned by Northerners be returned to people from the Niger Delta region.

The militants also threatened that all oil and gas companies operating in oil wells illegally owned by northerners should vacate such blocs, wells and platforms before October 1, 2017. They also added that they would be declaring the Niger Delta Republic on October 1st. The statement released by the group reads in part;

“We condemn in totality the meeting held by the Acting President with some northern elders and youths. We see it as a grand conspiracy. A responsible government should have arrested those traitors, but our government rather turned round to meet with them and pleaded for peace. Does the Nigerian government see people from other zones as second-class citizens? Why are they more important to the Acting President, why is it that the Nigerian law is always weak when it involves the northerners? We are still watching the unfolding events with keen interest. We want to sound this as a warning to all the northerners living in Niger Delta to quit our land before October 1, 2017 as this is not just a threat. After October 1, 2017, any northerner found within the Republic of Niger Delta shall be seen as an intruder and shall be treated as such. We also use this opportunity to advise oil & gas companies in our territory to shut down further operations, PENGASSAN and NUPENG to warn/withdraw their members from Niger Delta before October 1, 2017 or risk their lives. Our next action will surprise you”

The militants also demanded the immediate relocation of NNPC headquarters to Niger Delta region as well as the relacement of the Group Managing Director of NNPC with an indigene of Niger Delta region.

Among the Niger Delta militant groups that formed the coalition include Gen. John Duku (Niger Delta Watchdogs); Gen. Ekpo Ekpo (Niger Delta Volunteers); Gen. Osarolor Nedam (Niger Delta Warriors); Major-Gen. Henry Okon Etete (Niger Delta Peoples Fighters); Major-Gen. Asukwo Henshaw (Bakassi Freedom Fighters); Major-Gen. Ibinabo Horsfall (Niger Delta Movement for Justice); Major-Gen. Duke Emmanson (Niger Delta Fighters Network); Major-Gen. Inibeghe Adams (Niger Delta Freedom Mandate); and Major-Gen. Ibinabo Tariah (Niger Delta Development Network).

Linda Ikeji TV presents The Black Room: Adults Only! (This show is for 18+ only o) Coming soon!

So guys, Linda Ikeji TV is about to scatter your head with our new show called, The Black Room: Adults Only! It’s a sex show! Not a relationship, love or marriage show…it’s strictly sex and nothing but

We will talk about everything there is to talk about on sex: Giving head to your man the right way, men going down on their women and why some refuse to do so, finding your G-Spot as a woman, foreplay, women who fake orgasm, how you can enjoy sex even if you’re circumcized, pre-mature ejaculation in men, sex addiction, masturbation and so on and so forth, will all be discussed by sex experts, therapists and men and women who know all about sex. The show will be presented by the lovely Chioma Amaryllis.

All you wives and ladies with boring sex lives, thank me, Linda Ikeji, later. It was my idea…lol.



France 3-2 England Ousmane Dembele goal video highlight? Where can I watch France 3-2 England Ousmane Dembele goal? It’s 3-2 England Ousmane Dembele the goal scorer video highlight video here

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Ousmane Dembele SCORES giving the his side a goal it’s 3-2 !

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It’s a goal! Ousmane Dembele  converts their  effort.

Ousmane Dembele  buries the ball in the back of the net!

Ousmane Dembele  finds the back of the net with a superb finish!

Wonderful goal by Ousmane Dembele!

Gooal! Ousmane Dembele (France)!