Jay Z is officially changing his name, his rep confirmed it

Rapper and husband of Beyonce, Shawn Carter, who is known as Jigga, Hov, and most popularly Jay Z, is reintroducing himself to the world and he is making it official.
The father-of-three will now be addressed as JAY-Z, all in capital letters in with a hyphen.

His rep confirmed the name change with the Daily News and said it will be used on his yet to be released album, “4:44,” which comes out on his streaming service Tidal on June 30. Of course, it’s still going to be pronounced the same way but will be written differently.

JAY-Z promoted his new album on Twitter this week by spelling his name as JAY:Z to match with the “4:44” title.

It’s the largest retail event in Africa, are you aware?

Clarion Events West Africa, organisers of the Multimodal West Africa and Nigeria Manufacturing and Equipment Expo, is set to revamp the retailing sector of Nigeria with the home décor and giftware Nigeria B-2-B Retail Buyers Fair scheduled to hold at Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos from 14th – 16th November 2017.

The Expo which is organised in partnership with The Retail Council of Nigeria, and The African Association of Interior Designers, is the retailers’ favourite business – business order placing exhibition, showcasing hundreds of new brands and products, with confirmed attendance of local and international players from over twenty countries.

What makes Home, Decor Giftware unique is that a broad portfolio of verticals will be represented ensuring the event is not over exposed to a market. These include; Kitchen & Dining ware, Furniture, Lighting, Outdoor Living Space, Cushion, Candles, Home Décor, Aspirational fashion and accessories including; jewelry, leather goods, handbags, scarfs, watches, eyewear, Gifts, Greeting Cards & Stationary, Craft Supplies, Collectibles, Souvenirs, Wall Art, Personalised Products, Accessories, Children Toys, Games, Clothes & Wellbeing, Candles, Home Scents, Fragrances, Bath & Body, Ceramics and glass, fashion & textiles, as well as handmade pieces.

Are you a designer, a dealer in fashion accessories, homeware and gift items, would you like to showcase your products to the largest young, savvy and upwardly mobile audience, would you like to meet over 100 local designers and international brands?

The Home Décor and Giftware Event provides you with the capacity to fulfil this desire! It is an event that affords you the opportunity to learn from case studies given by informal and formal retailers and also network with over 4000 informal and formal retailers. Proposed topical issues includes overseas export opportunities for Nigerians, promoting brand loyalty, social media as a tool to drive growth amongst others.

For more information on how to secure your booth, sponsorship package and other information, visit   http://www.homeandgiftnigeria.com/about#//lindaikeji or contact Bunmi on 08188163730 or Dolapo on 08091155499.


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Here’s why Floyd Mayweather postpones trip to Nigeria.

American boxer and retired world welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather, 40, was expected to arrive Nigeria today for his first ever trip to West Africa.

power jack can now confirm that the trip has been postponed indefinitely.  investigations revealed that the retired boxing champion choose only to fly to Nigeria in his private jet however he couldn’t secure the necessary flight and route permits in time to make the trip.

Mayweather and Zinni media Group who solely organized the much anticipated African tour of the Retired boxer are yet to make an official statement.

Lil Yachty is having the time of his life on “Teenage Emotions”

Lil Yachty does not take himself too serious. He is a self-aware kid, who simply is having the time of his life by going against the rules, and living it one song at a time.

Album – Teenage Emotions
Artiste – Lil Yachty
Record Label – Quality Control/Motown/Capital Records (2017)
Duration – 69 minutes

Lil Yachty is just 19 years old.

He cannot legally have alcohol, neither is he considered an adult yet. But for someone so young, he is one of the most divisive figures of Hip hop. He draws derision from the gatekeepers, spark conversations from the elders, and when he lets fly some music, there’s a storm of criticism dogging every comment section available.

But he is a star. The flipside of all that controversy is an adoring fan base made up of young people, millennials who connect deeply to his arrogant and disruptive persona. These people adore his music, attend his concerts, share his words, and embody his spirit. These are the people he focuses on and feeds his brand of music.

Lil YachtyThe Observer

On “Teenage Emotions”, Lil Yachty isn’t a rapper. And although society and culture have tried to force him into a box to name and tag him with existing taxonomy, he still defies them. He sometimes raps two steps behind the beat, or sings with a light tenor that has become his signature vocal. But that is the least of his worries on this new project. He is right on the beat, and ready to make music for people to feel.

The closest he comes to Hip hop is in the Migos-assisted single ‘Peek a Boo’, which comes straight from Atlanta, with the contemporary trap influence. But it is in the pop tracks that he shines with youthful vigour. He plays with novel tools on ‘Made Of Glass’, ‘Lady in Yellow’, and the Island-ready ‘Better’. He talks of his relationship with his mother, his love for life and everything else.

In the end, Lil Yachty does not take himself too serious. He is a self-aware kid, who simply is having the time of his life by going against the rules, and living it one song at a time.

Rating: 3.5/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot